Red Color Idioms

Hi. Welcome back to World English Club. Last time I talked about black color idioms and this time, obviously my shirt, I’m going to be talking about red color idioms.

The first one I have is “Paint the Town Red“. I’m sure many people have heard of this and maybe you wondered what it meant. Paint the town red is a very old saying, idiom, and it basically means to go out and have a good time. You’re gonna (going to) go out on the town and not care about anything and just enjoy what you’re doing.

Our red color idiom number two is “In the Red“. And this basically means that you’re in debt. You know, keeping track in the books back in the old days, people would write in the red if they were in debt and write in the green if they were doing good. Obviously I’ll talk about that one in another idioms video. Basically it means to be in debt. ‘I’m in debt’, ‘I’m in the red’. Interchangeable.

The next color idiom is “Red Carpet Treatment” or “Roll out the Red Carpet“. And this simply means to show someone a great respect or hospitality. For instance, if I were to say ‘My wife’s sister is coming to visit, so I’m gonna roll out the red carpet for her.’ Or ‘My wife’s sister is coming to visit, I’m going to give her the red carpet treatment.’

Number four is “Red Herring“. And this is an idiom that you won’t (slang for will not) always hear a lot, because a lot of people don’t (do not) necessarily know what it means. But basically it means “an unimportant matter that draws attention away from the main subject”. So an example would be ‘Talking about yesterday’s issue was a red herring and did not do anything to deal with todays problem’. I hope that makes sense. Its basically, you are not dealing with something by dealing with something else.

Number five is “Red Letter Day“. And red letter day, that means something very memorable. A day that’s very memorable to you. ‘Today I’m getting a gift from an old friend, and it’s a red letter day!’

Number six is “Red Cent” and this is one that basically, simply means, not one penny. It’s usually said as “Not one red cent” like ‘I’m so broke I don’t even have one red cent on me.’

Number seven is “Red Tape” and this means something is gonna to cause you delay. For example ‘If you want to return this for a refund, there will be a lot of red tape.’ Another example of red tape idiom is “Jumping Through Hoops”. Same thing. Means the same. The object of these idioms is that something that you want to do is going to present a lot of challenge and effort until you get what you want.

Number eight is “Red Hot“. And this idiom is used when something (or someone) is doing really, really good. Another interchangeable idiom for this is “On a Roll”. So you know ‘This car is red hot’, ‘This car is on a roll, people are buying this’, ‘People are buying this ’cause (because) it’s red hot’.

Number nine is “Seeing Red“. It’s also interchangeable with “Blood Boiling” and this means you are hot. It means you are mad. It means you’re very, you’re getting very upset. You’re so upset, you are seeing red. Same as in cartoons when the character gets so upset his ears start to steam. Its the same way. You are hot. Red. Red is associated with hot.

So those are our red color idioms. I hope you enjoyed them. I hope you understood everything. Remember you can always sign up for our newsletter. Its right on the side and its super easy to do. So thanks again for visiting World English Club and we’ll see you next time.

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