Green Color Idioms

Hi. Welcome to World English Club. My name’s Ryan and I’m going to be talking about Green Color Idioms.

My first Green Color Idiom is Green Light. Green Light is a signal for drivers to start driving. The opposite of this would be a Red Light which means to stop. So giving someone the Green Light, means to let them go ahead with what they wanted to do. For instance, in an office, I would have to wait for the Green Light from my boss before I could start doing what I wanted to do.

My next color idiom is the word Green. As in “He is Green” or “He is a Green Horn“. And this means when someone is new at something, it means they’re Green. Just like a fresh plant that’s just starting to grow is green, so is this person because they don’t know what they’re doing yet. They’re Green.

My next color idiom is Looking Green, and when you tell someone they are Looking Green, it means that someone is looking sick or looking ill. And they might even be feeling ill. They might even say I Feel a little Green.

Our next color idiom is Green Belt. This is referring to when a city has a strip of green vegetation in it, you call that the Green Belt. For instance, “Our city has a policy to increase the Green Belt around the city”.

My next color idiom is Green Thumb. And this is quite the opposite of my other color idiom which was “He was Green” or Green horn. To have a Green Thumb, means that someone is very good and skilled in growing plants. It means they always have plants that are blooming and never dying. So it’s quite the opposite. So I would try to never use those two Green Color Idioms in the same context. Someone might misunderstand what you are saying.

Green with Envy is my last color idiom. Green with Envy means that you are envious of someone else’s things. But more to the point of, you are so envious that you are Green with Envy, you are overly envious, that you would be willing to do something for it.

So those were my Green Color Idioms. Thanks for listening, I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you understood everything. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter. Thanks a lot. Bye

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