Blue Color Idioms

Hello. And welcome to World English Club. My name’s Ryan and I’m going to be talking about Blue Color Idioms.

My first Blue Color Idiom is Blue in the Face. Blue in the Face simply means that you’ve tried so much and out so much effort into what you were saying that you are literally turning blue in the face. You were going, spending too much oxygen talking and you are now blue in the face.

Our next color idiom is blue collar. And blue collar doesn’t literally refer to someones blue collar. It means someone who is a regular everyday hard working person. Such as a labor job. Even an office job but not in the management. Its referring to the majority of workers out there today.

Blue ribbon is a color idiom that is difficult to explain so I’ll use it in a sentence. “A blue ribbon panel of experts were asked to choose the best looking display at the school fair.” Blue ribbon simply means that they are the ones who are making the decisions and they’re the experts that are doing so.

My next color idiom is Feeling Blue or Having the Blues. If you’re feeling blue, you’re feeling sad and disappointed or if you have the blues its the same as I am feeling sad, I am sad. Feeling blue, sometimes that’s why the blues were named that because it sounds like sad music. So to have the blues just means that you’re really sad.

Out of the blue is an idiom that means something that came out of the blue. Something appeared out of nowhere. I can’t tell you where out of the blue, what that comes from. But just saying out of the blue maybe it means coming from the sky. Out of the blue. Something surprisingly came and you weren’t expecting it.

My last blue color idiom is Once in a Blue Moon and this just means that something rarely happens. Whether its something you see or something that is an action that someone does. For instance, if you never see someone drink a beer and then one night they drink a beer. You could say “Wow that only happens once in a blue moon.”

So thanks to listening to my blue color idioms. Stay tuned. There’s gonna be a lot more episodes to watch. And don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter. Thanks. Bye.

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