Black Color Idioms

Hi. Welcome to World English Club. My name’s Ryan and this is the first episode in our series of videos. I’m going to be talking about color idioms. And I’m going to be starting with the color black. And obviously you can see my shirt is color oriented. So to help you reference.

First of all the idiom “Black Listed“. This means you can’t go in somewhere. It also means no one will want your business. Or really simply means that you’re not wanted. You know, if you were having a party and your friend asked “Hey, is John coming?”, you’d say “No. I black listed him”. So maybe, maybe John did something wrong and you don’t want him to show up at the party anymore and you had already told him. So that means you “black listed” him.

Black and white“, the color idiom is usually referencing a situation. it’s mostly for a situation when someone, someone or something is “right” and “wrong”, and there is no other interpretation that can be had from it. Its very simple. Its very clear cut. This is black, and this is white. It’s not gray or different shades of gray or different colors. “Black and White“.

The next one, “Black and Blue” or “Black Eye“. It just basically means bruises. Usually bruises are purple and blue but obviously the term is, is not always literal to the translation. and what not. So a black eye is usually just a bruise around the eye.

Black Sheep of the Family“. That means you are the bad one of the family. It means that maybe you get into trouble a lot and you’re the only one. If you have a whole family of people who get into trouble, it doesn’t necessarily apply. But the opposite of this, of the black sheep would be “The Golden Child“, but I’ll talk about that in another color idiom episode.

We also have another one. “The Black Market” and that means, that’s mostly an underground market or if you want to buy something, you can’t go into a regular store. You need to go to a person and that’s the “black market”. That’s, its not really, no one knows about it. Its dark. A shady kind of thing.

The “Pot Calling the Kettle Black” is usually a term, an idiom I’m sorry, that’s used in response to someones criticism. If someone were to say oh “Ryan, you are a bad dancer”. Well if that person was a bad dancer too, I could say “Well that’s the pot calling the kettle black“. Its basically a person that’s criticizing about a certain thing and also that criticism can apply to them also.

And lastly on our black color idioms is “Pitch Black” and this, this basically means really really really dark. Its usually only in reference to the amount of visible light in a room or outside. You know, if it were the middle of the night you’d say “It’s pitch black out there, be safe when you’re going outside” you know, or “Use your, turn on your headlights, its pitch black outside”.

Well that does it for our black color idioms. There’s gonna be a lot more color idioms videos and I’m also gonna do animal idioms and body part idioms so stay tuned. Remember you can stay in touch by signing up for the newsletter and thanks a lot. BYE

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