Improve my Spoken English by Listening More

Many people are comfortable with all of these “Mores” right off the bat, but the one problem that most share is speaking out loud. The reason for that is that it sounds okay in your head, but when you say a word or phrase out loud, it doesn’t sound like what you have heard. Our belief is that listening is the most important one of all of these.

Listening is the core component in learning another language. Listening is the way you tell another language is being spoken. When you listen, your brain is doing many things. It is hearing the sounds of the speaker, the intonation or pitch of what they are saying, and whether it recognizes any of the words being spoken.
When you listen, you are training your brain to know what a word or phrase should sound like. Even if you haven’t been able to say it correctly, you can hear the difference once you are able to recognize the word. Once you have heard the word many times, then you can recognize it and pronounce it the way it should sound.

Just as when you listen to a song over and over, and you learn the words to that song. The words start to stand out more and you can start hearing separate words in the song instead of one big long blur of a different language. Or there may be a word that you thought was pronounced one way, but you find out it actually sounds very different. It’s the same thing for listening to English. Its practice. The phrase “Practice makes perfect” applies to anything and everything. Especially learning English.

Listening to natural English speakers even just having a conversation that you are not a part of but you can hear, is good practice.

If you are living in a country where they speak English, you should consider yourself lucky. But only if you take advantage of that fact. Don’t be shy when you are out and about, listening to English.

Something to try is LISTENING to movies. Turn on the English speaking movie but then turn around and listen. This will train your brain to focus on hearing the words you know and you will also be hearing the words you don’t know.

Listening also includes speaking out loud.

Improve your spoken English by learning how to Listen to English More.

Improve your spoken English by learning how to Speak English More.

Improve your spoken English by learning how to Read English More.

Improve your spoken English by learning how to Write English More.