Ryan and Friends doing Everyday Things: Listen to English Conversation Examples

This is a series of daily English conversation examples that will help to improve your English. Americans do things that people in other countries do, except they speak English when they are doing them. A general American life consists of making phone calls, going out to meet some friends, or even getting a hair cut. In truth, a general American life of speaking English consists of that… speaking English. So listen to this series, and imagine yourself in these American shoes. Asking for a hair cut, talking about a project at work or talking to a friend on the phone. How would you be asking the questions? How is he pronouncing his American English? And How can I improve my English?I’d like to introduce you to Ryan. He is a regular American doing regular American activities. Anything from talking on the phone to his friends, to going out to a comedy club. Even when he goes out shopping.Here is where you can listen to a lot of Ryan’s conversations that he let us listen in on. We also have the dialogue typed up so you can read along. Follow Ryan and his friends just as if you were living a general American life too. And all the while you can improve your English.

3 ways to improve your English by listening to Americans

Start with reading the text of the audio. This will let you know if there are any words that may be unfamiliar to you. If you were to listen first and not read the text, you may be distracted by the unfamiliar word, and you will focus on that word while missing the rest of the conversation.

Once you have read the text and reviewed any words that are new to you, start listening to the audio. It’s good at this point to simply listen to the Americans speaking English without trying to follow along with the text. This will allow you to not be distracted at all.

Now that you have read the text and listened to the audio, its time to start repeating the words that you hear in the way that you hear them. Doing this will help you reduce your accent and improve your natural speaking ability.

In this daily English conversation examples, you can listen to Ryan and his friends while they are speaking English.

If your intent is to reduce your accent, pay close attention to how they pronounce the words that you know.

All the words in the audio file are in text below so that you may follow along.

Getting a Haircut

Ryan: Hi there.

Denise: Good morning sir. Can I help you?

Ryan: I wanted to get a hair cut please.

Denise: Okay, well we have a wash and a rinse plus style for sixteen ninety five($16.95) or just a basic hair cut for just under twelve dollars ($12)

Ryan: Well I just wanted a trim so I’ll just go for the basic cut.

Denise: Okay sir. Can I get your name?

Ryan: Sure. It’s Ryan.

Denise: Okay. Have a seat and someone and I’ll be with you in a moment.

Ryan: Great. Thanks.

Denise: Okay…..Ryan?

Ryan: Yes?

Denise: I’m ready for you now.

Ryan: Thank you.

Denise: Hi. I’m Denise.

Ryan: Hi there. Nice to meet you.

Denise: So what kind of haircut would you like?

Ryan: Well I usually like it short. But it’s looking nice with the longer hair on top. So, if you can, just shorten the sides and trim the top. That would be great.

Denise: Of course. Do you want me to trim your sideburns too?

Ryan: Yes please. Thank you.

Denise: All done. Take a look with this mirror and tell me what you think. How do you like it?

Ryan: It looks great. That was exactly what I was wanting. Thanks so much.

Denise: It’s no problem.

Ryan: So what do I owe you?

Denise: With tax it will be twelve fifty ($12.50)

Ryan: Here you go. Thanks again.

Denise: Goodbye.


Ryan and Tony Talking on the Phone

Tony: Hello?

Ryan: Hey Tony. It’s Ryan

Tony: Hey Ryan! What’s up?

Ryan: Not much. I was thinking we should go to that comedy show that’s in the city tonight.

Tony: Oh really? That sounds like a good idea. Who’s the comedian?

Ryan: His name is Tom Foolery. I watched some of his videos on the internet and they are hilarious. He does this one skit about a cat and a dog and it’s owner. I was laughing so hard I was almost crying.

Tony: Really? I’ll have to go watch it.

Ryan:  No I don’t think you should. That way if he says the joke tonight, it’ll be that much funnier for you.

Tony: Ok. I’ll wait. So how much are the tickets and where’s it at?

Ryan: That’s the best part. I got the tickets for free from my boss.

Tony: No kidding?!

Ryan: Yah. I guess every year this company that he does business with gives tickets to all their customers. They’re usually for  sports, like football, which is why I have the tickets now.  My boss always goes to the football games, and I always get stuck hearing about how great it was. This time he said he didn’t want to go, and he asked if I wanted them.

Tony: That’s great. Who’s going to do the driving?

Ryan: I’ll drive this time. It seems like every time we go somewhere, you do all the driving.

Tony: That’s because I do do all the driving.

Ryan: Plus I just filled up my tank so I have plenty of gas. What’s that sound?

Tony: Oh I’ve just been doing some arranging at my desk at home. I’ve been so busy with work lately that I haven’t had much time to organize my desk here. Every day I come home I just toss down my paperwork from that day, and by the end of the week it’s a huge pile.

Ryan: Sounds like my house all the time. OK. Well I’ll let you go.

Tony: Oh by the way, what time are you thinking about leaving tonight?

Ryan: I think if we leave by 7:30, we’ll beat most of the traffic going down there. The show starts at 8:30, and it’s at a place called “The Laughing Stock”. Have you heard of it?

Tony: I think so. Isn’t it that old place next to that bar we went to last weekend?

Ryan: Yah. That’s the one.

Tony: Yah I remember.

Ryan: OK. So I’ll pick you up around seven thirty then.

Tony: OK. Sounds good. I’ll be ready

Ryan: Alright, I’ll talk to you later.

Tony: Yup. Later.