David and Annie Spend the Day Together: Listen to English Conversations

This is David and Annie. Our two friends who have let us listen in on their conversations. Now you can listen too and follow along as you read what they are saying in English. Here is where you can listen to a lot of their conversations. Everything you hear has been transcribed so you can read along.

3 ways to improve your English by listening to Americans

Start with reading the text of the audio. This will let you know if there are any words that may be unfamiliar to you. If you were to listen first and not read the text, you may be distracted by the unfamiliar word, and you will focus on that word while missing the rest of the conversation.

Once you have read the text and reviewed any words that are new to you, start listening to the audio. It’s good at this point to simply listen to the Americans speaking English without trying to follow along with the text. This will allow you to not be distracted at all.

Now that you have read the text and listened to the audio, its time to start repeating the words that you hear in the way that you hear them. Doing this will help you reduce your accent and improve your natural speaking ability.

David: Hi Annie its David. How are you?

Annie: I’m fine. And you?

David: Great thanks. I’m going shopping today for some shoes. Would you like to join me?

Annie: Sure I’d love to.

David: OK Ill pick you up around ten.

Annie: No I can’t go this morning. I have laundry. How about this afternoon?

David: OK How about two?

Annie: That sounds good. See ya then


Going Shopping

Annie: Do you want to go to the South Center mall?

David: Yes, that sounds like a good idea. They have several shoe stores there.

Annie: I know. I like Matt’s shoe store. Don’t you?

David: No. I’d rather go to Payless Shoes. I think the prices are better there.

Annie: Yeah I got a pair of sandals there for twenty dollars and the same pair were forty-five dollars at Matt’s Shoes

David: Good. Cause I don’t want to spend more than $20 on a pair of tennis shoes.

Annie: Oh! Don’t you want a famous brand name like Nike?

David: No. I can’t see paying $80 for a pair of shoes. You know what I mean?

Annie: Yah. You’re right.

David: I want to save money so I can spend more on you.

Annie: Oh! Aren’t you sweet?

David: Do you know how to get to the mall?

Annie: Yes. You take a left at the next light and go a mile and a half to … what’s the name of that street? Oh yah, Keany.

David: Keany Street. Isn’t that over by the new restaurant?

Annie: Yes. It’s two blocks down on the right. Past the restaurant. Next to the theater.

David: Hey! Let’s go see a movie later.

Annie: OK

David: There’s the mall parking lot. There aren’t many parking spaces left. Next time we should come early.


David and Annie Choose a Restaurant

David: Hey this restaurant is pretty cool. Look, they have a lot of different things hanging on the wall.

Annie: Yeah. Look behind you. There’s an old oil can and an old sign for gas.

David: And look over there, it’s an old advertisement for coke.

Annie: I like restaurants that have an interesting atmosphere like this.

David: These chairs are pretty comfortable.

Annie: Look at the menus. They have pictures of what they serve.

David: What do you feel like eating?

Annie: I’m hungry for a cheeseburger and fries.

David: I had that last night. I think I’ll order the fish and chips. It comes with coleslaw too.

Annie: I’m getting a Coke, what do you want to drink?

David: I think I’ll have a Root Beer. I haven’t had one in a long time.

Annie: Yeah, that sounds good, me too.

Ordering Food at the Restaurant

Waiter: Good evening sir. Welcome to “the Outback”

David: Hi. Do you have a table for two?

Waiter: Yes sir. Right this way please.

David: Thank you.

Waiter: Here’s your menus. Can I get some drinks started for you?

David: I need a sec to look.

Waiter: What would you like ma’am?

Annie: I’ll have a water for now. Do you have mineral water?

Waiter: Yes ma’am we do. And you sir?

David: Okay. I think I’m gonna (going to) have a Budweiser.

Waiter: And would you like me to start some appetizers before your meal?

David: Yes. We’ll have the chicken wings.

Waiter: Okay great. And what kind of sauce would you like?

Annie: With ranch dressing please. Thank you.

Waiter: You’re welcome sir.

Ordering Food

Waiter: Are you ready to order now?

David: Have you figured out what you want Annie?

Annie: Yeah. I’ll have the “Alice Springs Chicken”.

Waiter: And for your side dishes?

Annie: Sauteed vegetables and a baked potato.

Waiter: And for you sir?

David: I want to have the sirloin steak.

Waiter: And how would you like that cooked this evening?

David: Make it medium rare.

Waiter: Okay sir. I’ll put your order in right away.

David: Thank you.

Waiter: You’re welcome

Asking for the Check

David: Can we have our check please?

Waiter: Of course sir. Just a moment.

David: What’s this charge here?

Waiter: That is for your appetizer sir.

David: Oh I see. Does this total include tax?

Waiter: It does sir. Will you be paying with cash or credit card?

David: Credit.

Waiter: Okay, may I have your signature here on the bottom please.

David: Sure.

Waiter: Okay. Thank you very much for visiting us. Have a good evening.

David: You too. Thank you.

Waiter: Good bye.

David: Bye.


Eating at the Restaurant

Annie: This cheeseburger looks great. Pass me the ketchup please.

David: Here you go. Do you want some salt?

Annie: No, it’s salty enough.

David: Don’t you usually put mustard on your burger?

Annie: Yeah but I don’t want any today.

David: How’s your burger?

Annie: This is really good. How’s your fish?

David: It’s okay. I’ve had better.

Annie: Yeah, I like the fish at Joe’s Seafood.

David: I’m stuffed. I can’t eat another bite.

Annie: I am too. We’ll have to go for a walk later.

David: Waitress, please bring the check.

Annie: How much should we tip her?

David: Well it’s usually 15% but she did a great job, so let’s leave her 20%.

Annie: Okay. Shall we go?

David and Annie at the Mall

Annie: Oh look, these purses are on sale.

David: Don’t you already have a purse?

Annie: Yes but I need to find one to take with me when I wear my new dress.

David: Why don’t you look at the purses while I go to the shoe store.

Annie: I’ll only be a second.

Annie: Look David, I found the perfect purse to go with my new dress.

David: Great! And I found some tennis shoes and they were only $25.

Annie: I’m starved. Do you want to get some dinner?

David: Good Idea. I’m famished.

Annie: Where should we go?

David: Let’s try that new restaurant that just opened.

Annie: Okay. I heard the food is good and they have reasonable prices.


David and Annie at the Park

David: Let’s walk this off.

Annie: Do you want to walk around the lake?

David: Yeah. It’s such a beautiful day. I can wear my new tennis shoes.

Annie: Look at those flowers. They’ve bloomed since the last time we were here.

David: What are they called again?

Annie: They’re Lilacs. I’d love to plant some in my yard.

David: They sure smell good.

Annie: The only problem is that they only last about two weeks.

David: Maybe you should plant something that lasts longer.

Annie: Did you hear that?

David: Yeah, I think it’s a cardinal.

Annie: There it is in that pine tree.

David: Where? I can’t see it.

Annie: To the left of that broken branch.

David: Oh I see it. It’s a male. I can tell because it’s bright red.

Annie: Isn’t he gorgeous?

David: There he goes. He must have heard us.

Annie: Look how blue the lake is.

David: You can almost see the bottom.

Annie: There’s some ducks. And they have babies with them.

David: I think there’s six of them.

Annie: No, I count nine of them. They’re so cute.

David: You’re right. There are nine.

Annie: Look at them all lined up behind their mom.

David: Why are they headed for the shore so fast?

Annie: Yeah and the other birds are flying off too.

David: Oh, there’s a hawk up there.

Annie: That’s why they’re running away. Hurry little ducks, hurry!

David: They got to the brush in time. I don’t think the hawk can get them now.

Annie: Good.

David: You’re so caring, always worrying about the little animals.

Annie: I just wouldn’t want anything to happen to them.

David: Hey, there’s a bench up there under that oak tree. Shall we sit a while?

Annie: Yes. I love the shade and we can listen to the birds.

David: It’s so peaceful. I could sit here all day.

Annie: Me too. Especially when I’m with you.

David: Oh, aren’t you sweet. No wonder I love you so much.

Annie: I love you too, honey.

David: Let’s get going.

Annie: Okay.


David and Annie go to the Movies

David: Hey, There’s the movie theater. Lets see what’s playing.

Annie: Oh, I see that Titanic is playing. Would you like to see that?

David: No, I’d rather see an action movie. But if you want to see Titanic, we’ll go.

Annie: Let me pay for the tickets, you’ve paid for everything so far today.

David: No, that’s okay. I asked you out so it’s my treat.

Annie: Okay. I’ll treat you next time.

David: Do you want some popcorn or something to drink?

Annie: No thanks. I’m still full from dinner.

David: Okay, let’s go find our seats. The movie is about to start.