David & Annie Series

Daily English conversation examples of an American couple named David and Annie. Americans do things that people in other countries do, except they speak English when they are doing them. A general American life consists of making phone calls, going out to meet some friends, or even getting a hair cut. In truth, a general American life of speaking English consists of that…speaking English.

Speaking English on a daily basis will help improve your confidence when it comes to speaking English, and practicing with these daily English conversation examples is the best way to do it. You can replace all the adverbs and replace them with your own.

So improve your English by listening to this series, and imagine yourself in these American shoes. Asking for a hair cut, talking about a project at work or talking to a friend on the phone. How would you be asking the questions? How is he pronouncing his American English?

This is David and Annie. Our two friends who have let us listen in on their conversations. Now you can listen too and follow along as you read what they are saying in English. Here is where you can listen to a lot of their example conversations. Everything you hear has been transcribed so you can read along.

The David and Annie Series

David and Annie have a whole day of English conversation examples as they go on a date.

    • Business Trip Series

David and Annie are on a business trip. Listen as they stop in an American gas station, ask for a hotel room and have an evening dinner at a restaurant.