Improve my Spoken English

Improve my spoken English as you listen to modern, spoken, everyday English. What you will hear is English in everyday situations and at normal conversation speeds. You can read along while you listen. Repeat what you hear. You’ll be able to improve your English with these everyday English conversations in no time. The more you listen, the more you learn!

3 tips to improve spoken English

Number one: Listen! The more you listen, the more you learn. Listen to the different ways that people say the same word. Listen to the patterns of the syllables. Listen to David and Annie as they have a normal conversation about daily life in English. You can only improve your spoken English if you start by listening

Number two: Practice Practice Practice! You have to practice the lessons you learn here. Practice speaking outloud. Practice with your friends or even in front of the mirror. Don’t be shy speaking English.

Number three: Be uncomfortable! Yes you read this correctly. Go out and speak to different people. This may make you uncomfortable, but it is wise advice. It is great to practice with friends, but you need to practice with someone who you do not know. This will help to challenge you and your English speaking.

“Improve My Spoken English” is a great series that will help you to improve your English. Just listen to these English speakers and you will be able to improve your English at the same time.

Improve your English with our American friends by clicking on a link below.

Listen to David and Annie go lots of places like the Mall, different restaurants, and a trip to the park.

    • Tongue Twisters

Listen to Tongue Twisters by Ryan. They are hard to fun to listen to!

Listen to this series on the important aspects of learning another language. We focus on Listening More, Speaking More, Reading More and Writing More.

    • Ways to Listen

Listen to “Ways To Listen”. Here we discuss the important and different ways to listen to American English.

Meet our American friend Ryan. Listen to him as he lives a general American life. Like going to the store or getting a hair cut.